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Bistrot Paul bert

The quintessential French bistro, packed with local diners and occasionally friendly staff, but which turns out classic dishes time after time again. It’s the kind of place when upon first arrival, feels as though it’s straight out of a movie set. Bustling waiters and electric commotion from the kitchen makes this a fun place to dine with a small group. We love eating late upon arrival into Paris, sitting in the charming dining room gorging on steak frites, grand marnier souffle or tarte tatin. A superb wine list makes the experience even better as you slip into the French lifestyle with a certain je ne sais quoi.

18 rue Paul Bert, 75011

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Nestled across the street from the Flagship Frenchie, sits their uber popular wine bar. Aside from beautifully crafted sharing plates and exceptional (some natural) wines, both by the glass and bottle, the popularity of the place means it can be rather chaotic and loud. Go with a small group and avoid peak hours. This is the kind of place you frequent to drink, and luckily end up eating a couple great plates of food like their jambon iberico or smoked trout with cucumber and avocado . If you’ve managed to secure a reso across the street, head here for pre-dinner drinks and mosey around on the cobblestone streets while you wait.

5-5 rue du Nil (2nd)

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The understated open space, wooden benches and casual atmosphere of this excellent seafood house behind the chefs of Septime is one of the most hyped restaurants in Paris, and for a good reason. Towers of seafood, fresh oysters and citrusy ceviches top the menu, while cool cocktails like a rosemary G&T adorn the bar list. Frequented by locals, this is the cool hangout you actually want to be spotted in.

80 Rue de Charonne, 75011

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